Daniel Tran Photography is proud to be 100% carbon offset

I’m proud to announce, as of October 2019, we have partnered with Greenfleet Australia to offset all carbon emissions that are produced when running our business through their native reforestation program. This includes all flights, transportation, electricity and shipments of photographic prints. I’ve thought about this a lot and have spent some time trying to find the right partner. Lately, I’ve become more and more aware of my carbon footprint, especially as of late with back to back travel assignments. Whenever possible I’ve always chosen to offset my carbon emissions (out of my own pocket) for flights. However, it has always left me asking myself how I can do more as an individual and business to make a more positive impact on the world. Which is why I have decided to partner with Greenfleet.

Greenfleet is doing incredible work and are a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation restoring forests in Australia and are committed to protecting our climate. By working with Greenfleet, I am able to assess how much carbon I am creating and plant enough trees to offset it. Not only do Greenfleet’s forest provide vital habitat for native wildlife such as koalas and wallabies they also conserve biodiversity, improve water quality, reduce soil erosion and capture millions of tonnes of carbon emissions from our atmosphere. To date, Geenfleet has planted more than 9.2 million native trees across more than 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand. This is an amazing program that organisations, businesses or individuals can be involved in. ⁠⁠

If you’d like to join me by taking action on climate change through Greenfleet’s native reforestation program and are in a position to do so please make a donation through their website or get in touch with them. I’m happy to be able to make a small contribution to our planet and be as sustainable as possible. Now more than ever, our beautiful planet needs our help.

Stay tuned for more projects that I will be working on with Greenfleet over the coming months!

For further information and to donate visit www.greenfleet.org.au

- Daniel

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