Wanting to improve your photography? Learn how to take better photos using your camera. My photography workshops are tailored to your own needs and can cover all aspects of landscape photography. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Photography and have been photographing for over 5 years. I will share with you all that I have learnt over the years of being a photographer.

Post processing

Walk through step by step process of my digital workflow. I’ll show you how I process my images or if you like I am happy to edit one of your images and guide you through my workflow from the RAW file to the finished edit. Post-processing workshops are only available within Sydney.

Topics include:

  • Organising files
  • RAW adjustments
  • Editing images with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Layer masks in Photoshop
  • Remove distracting objects and cleaning up images with content-aware
  • Exposure blending with luminosity masks
  • Balancing light
  • Contrast adjustments
  • Orton effect + other creative adjustments
  • Sharpening for web + print

Pricing – $80 per hour


Private workshop on location

Private workshop customised to suit you. Learn how to set up and capture images in the field using your camera to get amazing results. My workshops can be booked for any time of the day from sunrise to sunset and even at night time if you’re interested in photographing the stars.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the basic camera settings (Shutter speed, aperture and ISO)
  • Depth of field
  • Composing effective images
  • How to use filters in the field to balance the light
  • Using a tripod
  • Long exposure photography
  • Working in low light
  • Capturing scenes with a large dynamic range
  • Applications to help plan the next time you head out for a shoot
  • Camera equipment for landscape photography

Location – Sydney, NSW
Pricing- $100 per hour


Group Workshops

North Curl Curl New South Wales Australia

Have you been wanting to improve your seascape photography? Join Daniel Tran, Luke Tscharke, and the NiSi Filters Team to learn how to get the most out of your camera and filters when you shoot along the coast. We can help you take your seascape images to the next level.

This Capture the Coast seascape photography workshop is based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Dee Why. The workshop begins in a classroom setting where we provide you with over 6 hours of seascape training, including how we post process our images in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

We then head out for an on-location sunset shoot at one of our favourite close-by locations where we provide coaching in the field. The following morning we meet again for an optional sunrise shoot followed by a group breakfast. At the completion of this workshop you will have better knowledge on using your camera and filters to create compelling seascape imagery. A filter expert from NiSi will available during the workshop to help you get the most out of your filters and answer any questions you may have about filters.


I came to the workshop with a number of questions in mind in relation to locations, conditions, composing photos, camera settings and all were answered during my conversations with Daniel. Some were covered during the presentations but I was very appreciative of the one on one time with Daniel and he was more than happy to go above and beyond. Loved how Andrew understood what photo I was trying to take and assisted me in achieving it.

David, Sydney

Luke, Daniel and Andrew are really nice people who are generous with their knowledge of photography and ready to help you improve your photography. They are easy to get along with and responsive to ready to help. The ratio of tutors to students is the best l have ever encountered in a workshop, which means help is not far away when out on the shoots. I had a very enjoyable time at the workshop and came away knowing more about photography and in particular seascape photography.

Jennifer, Sydney

The friendly and inclusive style of facilitation, along with the hands-on learning experience was my favourite part of the workshop.

Peter, Sydney

Your Seascape Workshop is truly a worthwhile experience. I take back with me a better eye and new perspective when composing and capturing shots in this type of photography.
Your one-on-one on site instructions helped me a lot to understand the intricacies when using filters.
Thank you and more power to your workshop.

Rey, Melbourne

Out on the shoot was the best part. The advice there from Luke and Daniel was the best. Thank you also to NISI filter for borrowing and trying out. GREAT WORK

Jan, Sydney

Had a very enjoyable time, met some great people, the atmosphere was convivial and friendly while being educational at the same time

Rosa, Sydney

It was good how all three leaders floated around the participants. I found the assistance on getting good composition helpful, and the advice on how to use the histogram to assist in determining the exposure using live samples very beneficial.

Charmayne, Sydney